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UNC 93 NCSU 76

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Taking care of business.

I thought this was a solid effort.  It was not the dismantling that happened in Chapel Hill last season, the Wolfpack actually showed up at tipoff in this one.  It also was not the 2nd game from last season where the Wolfpack laid down for the Heels.  For all their flaws NC State put forth some serious effort to make this a game.  The problem is they had no answer for Ty Lawson who will begin renting out Farnold Degand and Julius Mays next week since he owns them now.  NCSU was also under the impression that a double team was not necessary to handle Tyler Hansbrough.  That did not work out so well since Hansbrough decided to balance out his single digit performance from Wednesday night by posting 31 in this one.

Overall this was a very balanced effort.  The Heels had five players in double figures, shot 56% from the floor and held NC State to 41%.  More importantly, UNC absorbed multiple attempts on the part of NC State to cut into the Heels lead.  Once UNC opened up a double digit lead NC State could never draw closer than 7 or 8.  Every time the game looked like it was swinging the Pack's way, there was a Danny Green three point play, a Ty Lawson drive and score or some other crucial basket to suck the air out of the building.  That ability to stop the bleeding and inflict damage back on the opposing team was lacking versus FSU.  The Heels handled it much better in this outing.

In the end the Heels took care of business on the road versus a rival.  There is really not much more you can ask than that.