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#4 UNC vs Georgia Tech

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Where: Dean Smith Center, Chapel Hill, NC
When: Saturday, February 28th, 12:00 PM
Livestats: SCACC Hoops
Liveblogging: No
Records: UNC 24-3, 10-3 ACC; GT 10-16, 1-12 ACC

Time to take care of business.

According to Bobby Frasor, Roy Williams told the players that he was "done with short practices" and "you guys need to start playing the way we want you to play."

I wholeheartedly agree with this statement.

Georgia Tech is 1-12 with their only win so far against Wake Forest in Atlanta.  The record scream "we suck" and the win over Wake says "we are still dangerous."  I am not sure I much care but I would very much like to see two things: Free biscuits and UNC dominating the pants of the Yellow Jackets.  A week of hard practices and the bad taste of a loss should have this team ready to roll.  As always the execution is left up to the players.

Ever since the Heels crushed the life out of Michigan State I feel like I have been waiting for this team to show signs of being able to dominate anyone the way they did the Spartans.  Even when playing the weak sisters of the ACC it seems like the Heels do not look as dominant as they need to be.  Maybe dominance is overrated and the ACC is strong even when you are talking about the lower end of the standings.  But for a team that is hopefully going to be at the Final Four in April, you wonder at what point they are going to throw the switch and play like that team in early December.

Maybe it is this game.  Whatever the case, what Duke or any other team does over the next eight days really does not matter.  If the Heels want the ACC regular season then they need to take care of business.  One of the points emphasized in the Friday press conference was the fact North Carolina needed to focus on it's own execution.  Yes the opposing team will do things to stop the Heels or score despite the Heels' defensive effort.  That being said, if UNC executes the way we all know they can, then it trumps the opposing team.  That is where this team needs to go.  Hopefully it starts with a thorough domination of Georgia Tech.

UNC 105 GT 77