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ACC All-Time Records

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Ever wondered what the all time ACC standings look like?

Hat tip to a long time reader for this.  Included in the weekly ACC press release are the all time conference standings.  To no one's surprise UNC is #1 in overall wins, at home and on the road.

From a historical perspective UNC's run has been amazing. Even more so when you consider that only four teams are over .500 all time in the ACC and one of them is a 32-28 Boston College team. Duke and Maryland are the other two.  On the flip side Clemson is the anti-Carolina, especially on the road.  The Tigers are a horrible road team in the ACC with only 70 wins.  In fact Clemson has almost as many losses at UNC (54) as do they do total ACC wins on the road in their entire conference history. The so called traditional football schools filled out the bottom with the exception of Virginia Tech which has carved out a nice spot in the middle of the pack.