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ACC Basketball Roundup(2/12)

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Heels assume command.

  • Two crucial things happened last night.  UNC took solo possession of first place with the win at Duke and NC State knocked off Wake Forest.  This is important because Wake must be at least one game behind UNC to avoid the tiebreaker.  Now Wake is two games back in the loss column.  BC is three back following the loss to Clemson and the Heels now have a leg up on Duke and Clemson.  All that means UNC can afford a loss as long as it is not to Duke during the 2nd game in Chapel Hill.  Even that may not matter because there is a good chance Duke loses another one between now and then.
  • My how the might Demon Deacons have fallen.  A few weeks back they were the toast of the ACC now they are finding February to be most unkind either that or Wake is worthless on the road or adjusts their level of play based on the competition.  You can really take your pick on any of those.  Whatever the case, Wake is facing a similar situation as Duke with a season in decline with a lot of basketball left.
  • Clemson recovered from their loss to FSU by winning at Boston College showing some toughness when BC staked a lead in the 2nd half.  Clemson is tied in the loss column with Duke and could end up 2nd since they own the tiebreaker with the Devils.
  • FSU did not wilt with a ranking in front of their name taking care of business at UVa.  Unfortunately for the Seminoles the schedule is all bumps from here on out.
  • Virginia Tech joins Clemson and FSU at 6-3 just a half game behind Duke.
  • And to think we were all freaking out when the Heels were 0-2 in the ACC.