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ACC Basketball Roundup(2/20)

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UNC and the Muddled Middle.

  • You want to know the very definition of throwing things at the wall just to see what sticks? Mike Krzyzewski starting Jon Scheyer at PG and Elliot Williams as SG when Duke played St. Johns on Thursday.  Williams for his part played well.  Mason Plumlee also played but was not nearly as effective and none of it resolves the imbalance of the Blue Devil offense.  It also should be not they were playing St Johns which has not been good since the phrase "dot com" meant you were making money.  Duke beat the now 12-14 Red Storm by eight but led my more through the half.  It will be interesting to see how this bears out.  This new fangled invention called "the bench" might be tough for the Duke coaching staff to grasp.
  • The chances of the ACC getting eight NCAA Tournament bids took a hit this week with Miami dropping to 4-8 in ACC play and Virginia Tech losing at Virginia.  Seems like everyone is losing at Virginia lately. Miami now must win their final four games to even see 8-8 and probably also should be in Atlanta on Friday of the ACC Tournament.  Virginia Tech had a rough time outside the ACC early on so it was really important for the Hokies to not drop games they should not.  Jeff Allen's one finger salute could not have come at a worse time since it was clear VT missed him in their loss in Charlottesville.
  • Wake Forest has won two straight in convincing fashion which the same thing as saying: Wake Forest has played two straight games at home.  Wake is on the road for 3 of their final five games which cannot possibly bode well for the Deac considering they are 2-3 on the road in the ACC.  Back to back games at UVa and Maryland? Brutal to say the least.
  • FSU's dream of making the NCAA Tournament is in good shape sitting at 7-4.  The bad news is their schedule looks like this: @VT, @BC, Clemson, @Duke, VT.  Personally I think FSU has played well enough that 9-7 will get them to the promised land.  The problem is the NCAA Selection Committee does not tend to look at how well you play but actual quality wins.  FSU has two: Florida and Clemson.  The best case for FSU is to go 3-2 over the final five and get 10 wins.  If they can get the sweep on Clemson or beat BC on the road it should help them tremendously.
  • Speaking of Boston College they have a stiff schedule down the stretch but with wins over both Duke and UNC, nine wins might be enough for the Eagles despite the loss to Harvard.
  • Maryland still has life which makes them dangerous for UNC this weekend.  NC State is thinking NIT and should get there.  Georgia Tech and Virginia are thinking about next season.