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ACC Roundup(2/16)

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Clear seperation.

  • UNC has won nine straight in the ACC since starting 0-2.  The victory at Miami put the Heels at 9-2 and gave them at least a two game lead over a group of seven teams with 4 or 5 losses.  With five games left I am not going to call it an insurmountable lead or a lock but if the Heels play well it should not be a problem to win the regular season.  The problem is the final five opponents are looking better than they did last week with the exception of Georgia Tech.  NCSU this week and traveling to Maryland on Saturday is fraught with plenty of danger.
  • Speaking of which, Maryland is 5-5 in the ACC.  The Terps are alive and kicking just in time for a Tar Heel road trip there.
  • Duke's February swoon is in full effect.  At some point Mike Krzyzewski will figure out he needs interior players and a decent PG. And it does not get much better for Duke.  After they smack St. Johns around it will be Wake Forest and on the road at Maryland who would love to pay Duke back for the drubbing they received in Durham.
  • Wake Forest, Virginia Tech, Clemson, FSU and Boston College still form a huge middle pack that may end up savaging one another before it is all over with.
  • Beware NC State. Two wins in a row including one over Wake Forest makes them plenty dangerous.