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ACC Roundup(2/23)

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Things just got interesting.

  • Duke beat Wake Forest in a game that had Duke players hugging each other and Coach K like they just won the national title. Seriously how big of an accomplishment is it to beat a Wake team that is now 2-4 on the road in the ACC?  The Deacs were flummoxed by Cameron, recovered some composure but eventually got closed out in a game that featured zero defense.  Cue the flood of talking heads telling us Duke is back, K is a genius for changing the rotation like you have to be a genius to know that Brian Zoubek should not be playing...ever.
  • Clemson and Florida State took care of their respective business over the weekend and as a result there seems to be a breakaway pack in the ACC standings from the Muddled Middle.  It is clear you have Duke, FSU and Clemson in the best position heading down the stretch.
  • Despite the loss at Maryland UNC is still one game ahead and in complete control of their own destiny.  On the basis of the present standings, UNC can even afford one more loss as long as it does not come against Duke.  Another loss is not advisable given the seeding situation in the NCAA Tournament but there is nothing about the Heels' situation I find precarious in the least.
  • Maryland could make the NCAA Tournament.  With four games left they have at least two games they could win(NCSU and UVa) plus stealing one versus either Duke or Wake Forest.  The main issue with Maryland is they are consistently inconsistent.
  • Miami is in deep trouble.  NCSU is looking good for the NIT. Virginia Tech better come up for air and soon.