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ACC Roundup(2/5)

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Duke and Wake lose by a combined 54 points on the road.

  • After Wake beat UNC, everyone was ready to crown them ACC Champions.  Not so fast my friend. Wake Forest is now 2-3 against teams not named Duke and North Carolina.  What is more disturbing, the Deacs followed up a disappointing loss at Georgia Tech by failing to answer the ball at Miami getting dropped by 27.  Wake now sits at 4-3.
  • Duke got rolled.  At one point Clemson took two shots that would have made it a 30 point lead and I am hard pressed to remember a game where a Duke team as highly touted as this one got crushed like this unless they were playing North Carolina.  The Heels have done it to Duke at least three times off the top of my head.  This was just a butt whipping.  Duke had no idea how to deal with the Clemson press and Greg Paulus got dunked over...again.  Kyle Singler and John Scheyer apparently never left Durham and my only regret is that I did not listen to Bob Harris lapse into hysteria.
  • Don't look now but Boston College is 6-3 in the ACC and sitting in fourth.  The problem for the Eagles is the schedule which looks like this: @Wake, Clemson, Duke, @Miami, FSU, @NCSU, GT.  Not the kindest stretch but if they can snare three wins out of those matchups I think the win at UNC will give them enough extra credit to make the NCAA Tournament.
  • UNC now controls it's own destiny for the ACC regular season title.  Granted it means winning their last eight games including two versus Duke and at Miami but I think it is doable.