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ACC Saturday Open Thread

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Two games what will shape the standings and possibly put one team in serious bubble trouble.

Duke travels to Virginia Tech where they will look to keep their regular season title hopes alive. The Hokies will be looking for another quality win to make their case to the NCAA. The best you can hope for from a UNC perspective is a Hokie win that is so emotionally draining it sets up an easy mark for the Heels on Wednesday.

Clemson at FSU could very well end up being the game that decides which one of these two end up playing on ACC Tournament Thursday. FSU can pretty much secure a NCAA Tournament bid with a win in this one. Clemson is trying their best not to

Wake Forest is on the road at Virginia which means there is a good chance Wake Forest may lose because of the "on the road" part not playing Virginia.

Sit back and enjoy. Snarky comments and general Duke insults welcome below.