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ACC Wednesday Night Basketball

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UNC getting run to death by Roy taking a week off? No problem. There is still plenty of ACC basketball to be had with a doubleheader of desperate teams playing not so desperate teams that someone managed to have overlap due to the start times(good job ESPN!) At 7:30 on ESPN2 Virginia Tech really, really needs a win at Clemson. For that matter Clemson also really needs a win if they wish to keep pace for the #2 seed in the ACC Tournament. The Tigers need to be sure they do not fall prey to one of the classic blunders. The first is never get involved in a land war in Asia but only slightly less well known is never lose an ACC home game when a top three finish is on the line.

The other game beginning at 9 PM on ESPN is Duke vs Maryland. The bad news is you get Mike Patrick. The good news is Jay Bilas is doing analysis and we can only hope that we get him to roll his eyes again when asked something about his playing days at Duke. We also hope Maryland does not fall into a trap and actually shows up. Now that the Terps have a 2nd quality win they could use a 3rd and at least an 8-8 finish in the ACC to make a case for a Big Dance Invite. The even money is on the Turtles imploding before our very eyes subjecting us to further kissing of Blue Devils collective rear ends by the assembled media.

Consider this an open thread unless we have a ground swell for liveblogging. If so I might kick one off for the Duke game just so the Blue Devil hate can flow more freely.