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Blog Poll Ballot(2/16)

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My ballot would frighten and confuse most people.

Rank Team Delta
1 Connecticut
2 North Carolina 1
3 Pittsburgh 1
4 Oklahoma 2
5 Memphis
6 Michigan St. 7
7 Arizona St. 11
8 Louisville 1
9 Marquette 3
10 Wake Forest
11 Villanova 3
12 Clemson 3
13 Missouri 6
14 Duke 3
15 Illinois 1
16 Washington 7
17 Dayton
18 California 2
19 Kansas 2
20 UCLA 6
21 Purdue
22 Xavier 7
23 Boston College
24 Butler 12
25 Florida St. 1
Last week's ballot
Dropped Out: Minnesota (#22), Gonzaga (#25).
Apologies and General Explanations
  • Oklahoma drops two spots without losing? Yeah, I was told by the Blog Poll Powers That Be to take reader opinion under advisement.  Well, many of my readers think Oklahoma is overrated and the Big 12, like the Ukraine, is weak.
  • Team(s) I probably have ranked too high: Still Memphis due to SOS but Arizona St?  Well, ASU did not lose twice this week and knocked off UCLA and USC.  They also got Tim Floyd ejected in the waning moments of the USC game so bonus poll points for that.
  • UConn stays #1 but will be tested against Pitt on Monday.
  • As tempted as I was to drop Wake for losing to NC State they came back and beat FSU. Clemson lost to UVa which is worse than losing to NCSU in my mind.  Duke has lost two and three of their last four which means they get to hang out in the teens now while they figure out how to win games without an inside presence.
  • I am not sold in any way, shape or form on Gonzaga so I dropped them.
  • Butler dropped like a rock for losing a home game to a 13-15 team likewise for Xavier but in the case of the latter I wanted to move Dayton into the poll while not ranking them terribly high.  And no, I have zero respect for mid-major teams.  Just ask Davidson fans.
  • I am going to assume Louisville just had a bad game versus Notre Dame.