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Blog Poll Ballot(2/23)

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Rank Team Delta
1 Pittsburgh 2
2 Connecticut 1
3 North Carolina 1
4 Oklahoma
5 Memphis
6 Arizona St. 1
7 Louisville 1
8 Michigan St. 2
9 Marquette
10 Villanova 1
11 Clemson 1
12 Missouri 1
13 Duke 1
14 Washington 2
15 Wake Forest 5
16 Kansas 3
17 Florida St. 8
18 Louisiana St.
19 Purdue 2
20 California 2
21 UCLA 1
22 Gonzaga
23 Xavier 1
24 Utah
25 Illinois 10
Last week's ballot
Dropped Out: Dayton (#17), Boston College (#23), Butler (#24).
Apologies and General Lunacy
  • I came very close to dropping Illinois from the poll as punishment for only scoring 33 points in a shot clock era game. How in the name of Kendall Gill does a team only score 33 points and lose to a team that only scored 38???? What is this high school? That kind of desecretion of the game requires some sort of punishment and the fact I could not find anyone else is the only reason Illinois is still ranked.
  • Pitt took care of UConn while Oklahoma and UNC lost so they get a 2nd crack at #1. Oklahoma gets frozen because yes, they lost but they lost without Blake Griffin who may not remember the game at this point. Am I refusing to penalize UNC for losing to an unranked team? Well of course!
  • Wake Forest lost their fifth ACC game and at some point that will catch up. FSU looks poised to make the NCAA Tournament and was impressive enough to consider them for the top 20.
  • Given how much parity there is right now it is a good thing we have a tournament to sort it out.