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Can The Heels Win Again at Cameron?

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Tyler Hansbrough and Danny Green look to join Buzz Peterson as the only Tar Heels to go 4-0 at Cameron.

Great article from the Fayetteville Observer discussing the Heels' success at Cameron over the previous three seasons with Danny Green and Marcus Ginyard including their thoughts on this:

If Hansbrough’s freshman-year 3 figured to be this class’ signature moment at Cameron, it has been passed by Green’s iconic dunk, the one played in every Tar Heels highlight montage put together in the past 11 months.

Last fall, Nike released a blue “Jump Around” Tar Heels T-shirt for this season with the silhouette of Green’s dunk emblazoned on the back.

“It’s crazy to think about what that dunk’s become,” Green says. “For years to come, whenever they have the Duke-Carolina match-up and you have the previews and commercials, they’ll show that dunk.”

Adds Ginyard: “It was only a year ago. But it’s already got that sort of timeless feel to it.”

Ginyard laughs to himself, because there’s some irony to the much-renowned play. For starters, Paulus appeared to be in perfect position in the lane to draw a charge. Furthermore, Ginyard’s touch pass was, by his own admission, ill-advised.

“I’m setting Danny up to just run Greg over,” he says. “We always talk about that: ‘Don’t pass it back on the break. Don’t pass it to a big man behind you on the break.’ And I did it, anyway. But it worked out in our favor. That’s just how it’s always gone for us over there. It’s always worked out.”

UNC’s seniors get the chance to conquer Cameron for a fourth time this week.

“It’s an encounter you just never forget,” Green says. “It’s one of the biggest games of your career every time you play it. You remember every play, each game. … All of it stands out, all the details more than other games.”

Ginyard compares winning at Duke to skydiving.

“You have that ultimate rush,” he says, “but there’s just no way you can ever describe exactly to someone how it feels.”

What Ginyard and the Tar Heels love to describe, however, is the picture-perfect view they’ve had for three straight years after the final buzzer has sounded and they’re jogging off the floor.

“That is the absolute best,” Ginyard says. “You’re walking to the locker room, and you’re looking at the faces of the students behind the basket. They’ve got their hands on their face. Their eyes are wide in disbelief. They’ve got blue paint coming out of their eyes, girls are crying.

“It is so entertaining in that moment. It’s the polar opposite of the way they look at the start of the game when they’re all excited and yelling at you. Before the game, you walk onto the floor smiling and laughing at them. At the end of the game you walk off smiling and laughing at them.”

The problem I am having is I think the fact there is a streak means the Heels might lose on Wednesday night.  Not that I buy into jinxes and such but that seems to be the pattern of life.  It will be a sweet deal if they can pull it off, especially for Hansbrough and Green who can walk away knowing they own Cameron Indoor Stadium.