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Marcus Ginyard To Redshirt; Will Graves Suspended

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UPDATE #2: Roy's postgame:

-Roy loved the offense but hated the defense. Happy they won though.

-Lack of talking, communicating, getting back on defense. Too many offensive boards for MD.

-Frustrated by near steals that ended up being layups for MD.

-Wants more inside play even with the outside shots falling.

-Question about Hansbrough's level of play this season versus last. Said he would have to think about. Said he is not sure there is much difference.

-Question on Marcus: Tipping point? Reached a point where getting him back was not the best thing for Marcus. Biggest factor: Still has pain.

-Sense of relief with the decision? Yes but more so if they could have gotten him back.

-Roy doing a little told you so about people saying they have too much depth.

-Copeland played because he is trying to develop depth.

-Graves question: Graves will come back next season.

-Last 48 hours the decision was made on Graves.

-Whatever happens with Zeller at the doctor tomorrow has nothing to do with the rest of it.

-No reason given for Graves suspension.

UPDATE: I will liveblog Roy's postgame to see what else is said.

Just announced on the Tar Heel Radio Network.

The Ginyard situation is obvious.

The Graves suspension is out of the blue. According to the press release just read by Jones Angel, Roy said Graves did not maintain the standard expected of a Tar Heel player and would "not represent UNC in competition" again this season. His status for next season will be evaluated at a later date.

Awaiting Roy's postgame press conference for more.