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Marcus Ginyard Working Out

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This video was linked on the IC message boards. Marcus Ginyard worked out prior to the NC State game on the Smith Center floor. The only reason I bring it up is Roy Williams indicated the reason they decided to shut Ginyard down was due to pain. If he still has pain then why is he going through this type of workout? I seem to recall the pain being related more to his ability to cut and slide his feet. Ginyard does not do any of that in this video. It is also apparent he is struggling with his conditioning. SInce UNC went through the process of announcing the decision to redshirt I cannot imagine they will reverse it. If Roy was not crazy about brining Tyler Zeller back for so few games he is likely less inclined to do it with Ginyard because doing that ends his career at UNC.

Exit question: If somehow, some way Ginyard were able to play at nearly 100% starting with the Duke game, would you bring him back? Is the atrocious perimeter defense such a threat to the title run you burn Ginyard's redshirt over it?