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National Football Signing Day

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Now you understand why UNC dropped the Ginyard/Graves news last night. No one will be talking about it today.

UNC is set to bring in a very highly rated recruiting class.  Some are calling it the best UNC has ever had. has the class listed 3rd overall based on the commitments. puts the class 8th overall. On the basis of the rankings, which can be taken as only a small part of the equation in building a program, this is a good day for UNC football.  Getting highly rated players is important because you cannot develop or teach talent. At the same time there is a lot of work to be done on the part of the coaches and the players to ensure this translates onto the field.

Here is a quick roundup of articles and links worth perusing today.

Inside Carolina Commit List

Tar Heel Blue Signee Tracker

Interviews with Butch Davis: ACC Now, 850 the Buzz

ACC Now has a rundown of UNC's class.

Should be a good day for the Heels on the football front that we certainly hope brings some glory down the road.