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Oh Yeah...The Football Schedule Came Out

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The ACC released it's football schedule the day after UNC-Duke which means no one was really paying attention. Anyway, here is how the Tar Heels' schedule shapes up.

Sept. 5 The Citadel
Sept. 12 @ UConn
Sept. 19 ECU
Sept. 26 @ Georgia Tech
Oct. 3 Virginia
Oct. 10 Georgia Southern
Oct. 17 Bye
Oct. 22 Florida State
Oct. 29 @ Virginia Tech
Nov. 7 Duke
Nov. 14 Miami
Nov. 21 @ Boston College
Nov. 28 @ N.C. State

UNC will play a Thursday night game at Kenan Stadium. Pray you have no need to be at UNC Hospitals that night for anything. Previously a Thursday night game was deemed a logistical nightmare so they are playing it during fall break which means the students will largely be somewhere else. UNC actually plays back-to-back Thursday night games traveling to Blacksburg to face Virginia Tech a week after hosting the game at Kenan. The other notable change to the schedule is acknowledgment that UNC-NCSU is a true rivalry game and therefore must be played at the end of the season. The game with Duke was moved to beginning of November.

There is also the matter of UNC playing two I-AA teams this season. The 2nd game came about when Butch Davis canceled a home-and-home with Colorado but could not find a suitable I-A opponent willing to come into Chapel Hill. Playing two I-AA teams means only one of those games can count towards bowl eligibility. At least Duke and NCSU are doing the same thing sparing us any trash talk about the schedule.