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Retraction: Hansbrough's Shins Are Fine

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According to official UNC sources they are fine.

Buster Sports reported on Wednesday that, according to a source close to the North Carolina basketball program, senior forward Tyler Hansbrough was playing "around 80 percent" of full strength because of a recurring shin injury.

On Wednesday night, moments after UNC defeated N.C. State at the Smith Center, UNC Associate Athletic Director Steve Kirschner said the 80 percent figure was untrue. He said Carolina coach Roy Williams said Hansbrough had not missed any practice time because of the shin problems and that he is not currently affected at all by the injury.

Kirschner was adamant in two different conversations regarding the matter, and at one point offered a member of the training staff to corroborate Williams’ position. Hansbrough also said his shins feel fine.

Hansbrough missed four of UNC’s first seven games and a great deal of early season practice because of his ailing shins, but has started the Tar Heels’ last 19 games and is averaging more than 30 minutes per outing in those contests.

However, he has looked less explosive in recent weeks than he did a year ago when the Missouri native ran away with national player of the year awards. His statistics have also been down, which is why the originally inquiry was made.

Jones says he is not retracting the original story but rather reporting it now with more, obviously official sources. That sounds like splitting hairs to me. For my part, I am offering a retraction since I posted the Jones' information and couched it as accurate. My bad. I actually violated one of my own personal standards and that is to report any item of this nature for what it is: uncorroborated information. I then wait for something to come from official UNC sources to declare it to be the truth. So if I added to the problem I sincerely apologized.

As for Jones, that was not the only problem he had yesterday. Turns out he was the one whose questioning led to Roy Williams verbal indiscretion. Cue the song "So You Had a Bad Day" for him I guess.