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Roy Shows No Favoritism

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Early in the first half, Tyler Hansbrough was pulled from the game and dressed down by Roy for not boxing out on a play. This might surprise some folks who assume Hansbrough gets an easier ride from the UNC coaches because of his effort and work ethic. That is not the case and Roy treated Hansbrough like he would have anyone else. Hansbrough to his credit not only understood but used it as motivation to play a great game:

What was your reaction to Coach Williams benching you for not boxing out?

"He should have. He doesn’t give me any special treatment, and I messed up. I think every player needs that. If you’re not playing well, you need to be taken out and Coach will talk to you. It either motivates [players] or its gets them down. And for me, I think it motivates me."

Great players generally make themselves coachable. That is how they improve their game. Any player can have talent and also work hard but if he is unable to listen to his coaches there will be a ceiling to hius improvement. In this case, we got a rare glimpse of Roy showing that he is consistent in his expectations of all his players and a star player taking his coaches' chastisement to heart.