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Tar Heel Players' Reaction To Roy's Verbal Indiscretion

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Via ACC Now:

"I've definitely heard it more than you guys,'' Hansbrough said. "It's usually once every other ballgame, he drops it in the huddle, and we know he means business then. But I think he may beat himself up over that because he usually counts how many cuss words he says in the huddle and in practice.

"When he gets really mad in practice he says, 'Now, that's four cuss words, and I didn't plan on saying any today.'"


Told of his coach's word choice, senior forward Danny Green seemed as stunned as Hansbrough.

"I don't really want to comment on coach's comments,'' Green said. "But if he gets mad, if you get him mad enough, and he keeps trying to tell you something over and over, he'll say some funny words -- but it's usually not the F-bomb as much ... but flippin', frickin'."

Asked if he thought Williams should run after practice as punishment, Green said no: "I don't think that will happen. Next to his name it says 'head coach,' so he gets to do whatever he wants to do. So I don't think we'll be making him run; he's the guy that makes us run."

Danny Green is a riot. The basic translation of what he said here is this:

You want me to comment something Coach Williams said? No way man. I mean seriously, are you nuts?

Green knows which side the bread is buttered on.