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The Enemy Of My Enemy

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Yada, yada, yada.

Are we, as Tar Heel fans, a bit annoyed with Maryland right now? Yes.

Did we all utter something best not repeated in public about 23rd time ABC showed Greivis Vasquez flapping his gums on Saturday? Sure.

Do we often find the Maryland fans to be obnoxious and crude? Absolutely.

That being said, they should be given credit for the work they do in the field of Anti-Duke research.  A Maryland fan started the indispensable Truth About Duke website and despite being somewhat vulgar, Terrapin fans always bring their best effort when Duke comes to town as witnessed by this:

Operation Scheyerface

Great name.  Maryland fans were also industrious enough to obtain the Blue Devils' hotel information.  Needless to say hilarity ensued.

A Maryland win tonight would soothe the pain of this past weekend since it would basically reset UNC's lead to where it was before the Heels decided to give the game away in College Park.  The Heels presently lead both Duke and Clemson by one game but the tiebreaker over the Tigers makes them less of a threat as does the fact Clemson also has to play at Wake Forest to end the season.  I also simply would love to see Maryland do to Duke what they did to UNC.

Sigh...probably won't happen.