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The Ten Game ACC Winning Streak

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Since the 0-2 start this season, UNC has won ten straight ACC games. Including ACC Tournament games, this has only happened nine other times in school history.

UNC's ACC winning streaks of ten games or more:

Season Streak ACC Record ACC Tournament NCAA Tournament
1957 17* 14-0(1st) Champion National Champion
1959 11 12-2(1st) Runner-up Lost in 1st Rd
1968 12 12-2(1st) Champion Runner-up
1984 15* 14-0(1st) Semifinal Loss Lost in Regional. Semifinal
1987 16* 14-0(1st) Runner-up Lost in Regional Final
1993 10* 14-2(1st) Runner-up National Champion
1997 11* 11-5(T-2nd) Champion Lost in Final Four
2001 11 13-3(T-1st) Runner-up Lost in 2nd Rd
2008 11* 14-2(1st) Champion Lost in Final Four
2009 10 10-2 ????????? ??????????

*Includes ACC Tournament

I am not supposing a ten game winning streak means anything other than the fact it is tough to do given the relative difficulty of the ACC. I did notice that only once has a Tar Heel team winning at least ten straight in ACC play not made it to the ACC title game. That was in 1984 when the infamous breakthrough game for the Duke program under Mike Krzyzweski happened. Other than that consider this just an interesting factoid on a slow Friday.