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Two Final Notes

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First of all, it seems like everyone is picking the Heels to win this one. In a series that prides itself on defying the conventional wisdom there is concern that the Duke players will take this kind of mass backing of UNC as a point of motivation. I am not believer in reverse mojo or anything like that but it seems like sometimes when the conventional wisdom is so much in favor of one result the opposite happens. I hope we get exactly what we expect and then some where UNC's perceived strengths are concerned.

Secondly, the officiating will be crucial tonight. I am never one to blame the referees for a loss. However it is foolish to think certain officials will not influence how this game unfolds. During the game at Duke last season, the crew which found some way to officiate an entire 40 minutes and not find a Duke foul on Hansbrough was: Karl Hess, Roger Ayers and Ted Valentine. The game at Wake Forest which had a ton of fouls called had Hess, Jamie Luckie and Bernard Clifton. Luckie was the official who massively screwed up in the NCSU-VT game on Sunday. So it will be interesting to see which officials are assigned though I can tell you Karl Hess has done back to back games already this week: at Pitt on Monday and at Villanova last night. Jamie Luckie worked the UVa at FSU game last night.

Six hours until College Basketball Armageddon 2009, Part I...