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UNC 76 UVa 61

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Now bring on Duke.

Not much to be said about this game.  UNC got off to a slow start shooting 33% in the 1st half and only leading by seven at the break despite being much better on the defensive end.  A lot of that had to do with Tar Heel players being way too in love with the three point shot while face a zone.  Tons of misses early related to that. In the 2nd half the Heels got rolling led by a great all around game from Wayne Ellington who went for 20 points, six rebounds and six assists.  Ty Lawson played an almost textbook game dropping nine assists versus zero turnovers while chipping in 10 points.  Tyler Hansbrough struggled a bit on offense(4-11 FG) on his way to 15 points but more than made up for that with 13 rebounds.  That kind of play cannot be talked about enough.  Great players find other ways to help their team when their primary role is compromised, that is what Hansbrough did with his work on the boards.

Danny Green had 17 despite being under the weather.  And yes Green also had six rebounds, two steals and one block to make that another well rounded game for him.  Deon Thompson was effective in much the same way grabbing six rebounds, blocking three shots and scoring six points in 29 minutes.  Interestingly enough Ed Davis only played 11 minutes.  Bobby Frasor played 15 himself.  It is clear Roy is playing around with the rotation light of the fact Will Graves is no longer available.

Offensively it was a bit of a mess but the defense was good.  Probably the kind of game you would want before playing Duke.  Having a huge game prior to playing a rival game could lead to a let down.  Playing really badly might leave you in a rut.  The Heels did the mixed bag thing today which means it really could go either way but a good performance Wednesday night seems more likely.