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UNC 89 NCSU 80

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Roy is pissed.

Basically Roy was pretty upset with the defense which is understandable since NCSU shot 54% for the game and over 60% in the 2nd half.  In his postgame he was asked, innocently enough, why they did not press more. His response? Because "they stink" and they double team "friendly."  Then when pressed as to why, something like this happened:

And laid out there for the FCC to deal with was the F-bomb. Roy says he is not given to saying that except when he five putts.  To Roy's credit(as much as can be given considering the indiscretion) he apologized at the end of his press conference for saying it and even before that was clearly flustered at himself for saying it.  Obviously it was not an appropriate thing to say but Roy is human like everyone else and in this case he let things get away from him.  All he can do is apologize for it, which he did and move on.  Whether others choose to is another matter entirely.

As for the game, the one huge positive you can take from this one is Tyler Hansbrough getting 27 points and doing so on the kind of play/shots we are accustomed to seeing him get.  Danny Green had a quiet 19 points it seemed like and Wayne Ellington basically ran like a gazelle the whole game making also sorts of shots that should be watched again purely for entertainment.  And Ty Lawson continues to impress as in 17 points, nine assists and only one turnover.  That is just getting ridiculous.

The big question heading into this one was Tyler Zeller who played eight minutes, scored two, had three rebounds but also committed four fouls.  Overall Zeller looked decent and very much like someone who last played before eating Thanksgiving turkey.  His defense appeared to be the most suspect part of his game.  I think that will improve as he gets more comfortable.  The three shots he took were good shots and at the very least he is a threat that must be dealt with.  As I said, his primary importance adding depth and he did that.  Hopefully he gets better from here and Roy seemed satisfied with how Zeller played.

The Heels are now 10-2 in the ACC having won 10 straight since the 0-2 league start.