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UNC-Miami Game Thread

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No liveblog for this game since I have some familial obligations right up ro tip-off. Here is a game thread for your comments/venting/referee complaints. I will update this as the game goes on.

Also, Duke plays Boston College at 5:30 also on Fox Sports. It will be interesting to see what the Devils do with Tyrese Rice.


Game updates after the jump.

7:45 PM: With Duke's loss UNC playing for two game lead in the loss column.

7:59 PM: Tied at 14.  It will be interesting to see how long Miami stays in the zone.  UNC has solved it by and large.  Heels are doing a good job keep Miami at out of paint and forcing tons of jump shots which are not falling for the most part.

8:07 PM: UNC 18 Miami 14. UNC stealing some major minutes with Larry Drew in the game.  He is playing well and the Heels are getting looks versus the zone.

8:16 PM: Miami 26 UNC 24. Game of runs.

8:26 PM: UNC 29 Miami 26 at halftime.  Honestly I will take it.  I thought the Heels defense was pretty good and I also think the offense was decent considering they have not seen a zone for this long all season.  Heels seem to be solving it well enough to get looks.  Be nice for Ellington or Green to have a hot hand come the 2nd half.

8:51 PM: Ty Lawson is "sick as a dog."  No matter, two 2nd half threes and some beast like work on the boards by Davis has the Heels up 10.  Now go ahead and finish the deal instead of blowing the lead like you did at FSU.

9:03 PM: UNC up 14 and will have the ball.  Very much in control.  Not bad with Hansbrough having a down game and Lawson sick.

9:23 PM: Jimmy Graham has killed UNC. When he was out was then the big lead was opened up.  When he came back, Miami rallied.  Now the Heels need a stop and I don't know if there is one to be had with McClinton shooting.

UNC SURVIVES.  UNC 69 Miami 65.

Ty Lawson might be the ACC POY.