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A Final Word On Goodman

I ran across Jeff Goodman's follow-up to his cheap shot at Ty Lawson. Witness, if you care to, Goodman maintain his absurd attack with an even more absurd justification:

Lawson didn't just display a resilience (which was not questioned solely by me, but by others within the Tar Heels program as well). He also showed why he was the ACC Player of the Year and the key to North Carolina's title hopes.

First of all, do share who these individuals are and please tell us if they had these misgivings this season or last. Secondly, there is a huge difference between folks inside the program having these questions and some blowhard internet writer take shots as a college basketball player. Coaches and players on the Tar Heel team have all of the relevant information on his situation. Besides that, they also know Lawson better than Goodman does and can speak in depth to the situation. Goodman cannot.

I would also point out that Goodman did not simply question Lawson's toughness. He did not simply express misgivings about Lawson's ability to handle pain or his willingness to play with pain. Goodman questioned his commitment while making Lawson out to be some primadonna drama king. He made comparisons to Tyler Hansbrough and made it sound as though Lawson was sitting out with a hangnail when the injury was much worse. All of this after Lawson played with the toe numbed versus Duke because he wanted to send his senior teammates out right.

Goodman should have apologized for his comment. Instead he is standing by it. I imagine that comes with a price. I imagine he will find those "others withing the Tar Heel program" not returning his calls the next time he goes trolling for inside information on the program. Hope it was worth it for you Jeff.