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"Absolutely No Way"

Roy Williams when asked if Ty Lawson would be 100%.

Maybe it’s wishful thinking, but I really expected it to respond quicker than it has. And after he played against Duke, I didn’t really expect it to be that much swelling to happen and that’s what really set everything backwards. So I guess I’ve been a little surprised by the severity of it. I’ve just been thinking that everyday, ‘Oh yeah, it’s going to get better, it’s going to get better.’ But I’m probably as discouraged right now at this moment as I have been since it happened, because it’s not coming [along] as quickly as we’d like for it to come."

Update: I am adding the 2nd half of the quote from ACC Now instead since it is more extensive. Robbi Pickeral also seems to indicate the 100% bit is only talking about Thursday.

"I don't know if I'd say the rest of the tournament, but there's no way guys he's going to be 100 pct [Thursday],’’ Williams said. "Absolutely no way. He hasn't played basketball ... in nine days. He hasn't broken a sweat in nine days. There's no way. It just does not happen. Guys can miss two or three days, Michael Jordan can have the flu, but nobody misses that amount of time and comes back 100 pct. ... His foot is not healthy. It's a pretty easy deal. It's frusstrating for us to say the least."

Feel free to go ahead and kick or throw something in frustration, you are allowed. Seriously. Can you freaking believe this? UNC finally gets all the cards and Marcus Ginyard goes out, Will Graves goes to lunch, Tyler Hansbrough struggles with an injury early, Bobby Frasor cannot return to full form and now this. A toe. On a freaking stupid play in freaking practice. And the really crappy part for the players is I think they did everything they were supposed to do. But for some reason there injury bug comes along and threatens to derail what we all thought was the best chance a team could have to win a national title coming into the season. That. Really. Sucks.


At this point I think we may have to consider the possibility of trying to win the 8/9 game sans Lawson. That would be a heckuva gamble for Roy to take but might be the only play on the table.