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ACC Basketball Roundup(3/16)

ACC Tournament ends, NCAA, NIT Tournaments begin.

  • Duke wins the ACC Tournament by beating FSU. Yeah, not much else to say there.  I did notice that Greg Paulus played a grand total of two minutes in this one.  And if that was not enough Mike Kryzewski basically backed the bus over Paulus on the way out of the Georgia Dome by saying this in his postgame press conference:

    "Really happy for these guys, especially the guys in my junior class who've had to go through a couple of years where they did not have any upperclassmen"

    Have fun under the bus there Greg because you are not coming out again.

  • Wake Forest was knocked down one notch on seeding from the loss to Maryland.  Wake, as a #4 seed, could face Louisville in the Sweet Sixteen.  That is if they make it that far.  There are some obvious chemistry issues on that team that pretty much was their undoing in Atlanta.
  • FSU can build off their ACC Tournament run and make a deep run if Toney Douglas stays hot.
  • Clemson, BC, Maryland are playing the survival game from this point on.  In the case of BC and Maryland they have been playing well of late.  Clemson has been in a full blown swoon during the past month.
  • Virginia Tech and Miami were taken by the NIT. The Hokies are a #2 seed and Miami seeded fourth in their eight team regional.
  • NC State was left out of the NIT and on top of that had their top recruit for the class of 2010, C.J. Leslie re-open his recruitment. Leslie said he wanted to visit other schools and the early money is he might be taking a look at Memphis which is going to be loaded next season with at least two one and done players.  It is believed John Wall of Word of God in Raleigh is now taking a hard look at Memphis which may have something to do with Leslie's move.  Wolfpack Nation is six kinds of pissed over the way the season ended. It will be interesting to see if it festers into a full blown rebellion of the fan base against Lee Fowler.