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ACC Basketball Roundup(3/9)

Bring on the ACC Tournament

2009 ACC Tournament

Thursday, March 12th

#8 Virginia Tech vs #9 Miami
#5 Clemson vs #12 Georgia Tech
#7 Maryland vs #10 NC State
#6 Boston College vs #11 Virginia

Friday, March 13th

#1 UNC vs Miami/VT winner
#2 Wake Forest vs Clemson/GT winner
#3 Duke vs BC/UVa winner
#4 FSU vs MD/NCSU winner

  • Maryland did not help their NCAA case any losing to Virginia and falling to 7-9.  They really need to knock off NC State and hope like mad they can beat Wake Forest.
  • Miami and Virginia Tech will battle for the right to play North Carolina and with it a chance to snag a huge win to impress the Selection Committee.
  • Wake Forest and Duke finish 11-5 and because Wake beat UNC and Duke did not, Wake gets the #2 seed.  What difference does that make? A significant one.  Duke could probably handle either Maryland or even NC State whereas BC matches up better. Granted that was pre-Elliott Williams but still it is not as favorable as it could.  Providing BC beats UVa. Wake would probably favor seeing Maryland over NC State since the Pack beat them once and played them close in Winston-Salem.
  • Clemson fell fast and hard from their win over Duke.  Once upon time we were discussiong the Tigers as the potential #2 seed in the ACCT.  Now they will play on Thursday.  At least they only have to play Georgia Tech.  Assuming the handle the Jackets, Clemson would face FSU for the 3rd time this season.  FSU won the first two and beating a team three times is tough. FSU will be looking to validate their finish and shore up their NCAA seeding.