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ACC Conference Call Notes

Roy talks Green and Davis.

For some reason(probably following a good game for Danny Green) some reporter asks Roy Williams what he thinks of Green this season and where he has improved.  Every time the answer is the same: Green has been very good and his decisionmaking has improved.  It is odd to me that it comes up over and over even though Green has been pretty much the same player all season. Anyway, here is the answer Roy gave today which is the same as the other times he has talked about Green:

On Danny Green:
“I think Danny’s really had a nice year for us. He’s had a couple of games that aren’t what we’ve wanted, but that happens with every player on every team. Very seldom do you have a guy that’s playing great basketball every single game. Danny gives us a shot blocker from the perimeter, not just a big guy who can block shots, but a secondary defender who can come across and block shots.

"He gives us an outside shooter who can really stretch a defense, and he gives us an offensive rebounder – I think he had two baskets on Saturday against Georgia Tech off offensive rebounds. So he gives us a lot of things, and he’s really having a good year for us. And I think he’s gotten better and better as the season’s gone along.”

What areas have you seen Green improve the most in?
“Well, this year, if you take away those two or three bad games, his decision making is so much better than it was in the past. His assist-to-error ratio is far, far superior to what it’s ever been. I think that’s the one area where he’s improved the most from last year to this year. In the other aspects of the game, I think he’s gotten better each and every year. His shooting percentage is better this year than it was last year, and I think a part of that is the decision making of which shots to take.”

Roy also was asked about Ed Davis and no there is not much here that gives any clue as to why his playing time is what it is other than alluding to the fact that his offense is not quite at the same place his rebounding and defense is.  That might be part of the answer on the number of minutes he plays.  If anyone wants to call Roy up tonight and ask him during his show, feel free...just be sure to wear some sort of protective gear when he starts breathing fire out of your radio and singes you eyebrows off.

On Ed Davis:
“He gives us a shot blocking presence down there, he gives us a guy that can rebound the ball in a crowd and I think he’s gotten even better in both of those areas as he’s gotten used to the more athletic, bigger players that we’ve been playing. I also think through the course of the year that he’s gotten more comfortable making decisions with the ball.

"I’m going to guess that his assist-to-error ratio is probably better in ACC games than it was in nonconference games. You might think that it would not be because the competition level goes up, but I just think that his awareness of what’s going on is better now than it was earlier. And I do think he’s going to be a good passing big man… I think that’s one area that he’s gotten better in throughout the course of the year and he’s going to be a good offensive player, just at the current time, he’s a little further ahead in rebounding and defensively than he is on the offensive end.”