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ACC Quarterfinals: #1 UNC vs #8 Virginia Tech

What: ACC Tournament
Where: Georgia Dome, Atlanta, GA
TV: Raycom or ESPN2
Livestats: SCACC Hoops
Liveblogging: No
Records: UNC 27-3 VT 18-14
ACC Tournament Results: UNC: None; VT: def. #9 Miami 65-47

Will Ty Lawson play?

I am betting no and if Virginia Tech plays like they did versus Miami, UNC should still take care of the Hokies.  Of course we all know full well that won't be the case.  Malcom Delaney was 1-10 on Thursday so that means against UNC he will be 9-10 and probably drop 30.  Yeah, I act like I have seen that sort of thing before.  With Lawson out we get heavy doses of Larry Drew and Bobby Frasor.  The question is whether it will be Frasor primarily at point or if Roy decides to keep the rotation intact as much as possible with Drew at the point.  I think the best chance for the Heels to win is Frasor at point.  The problem is there is no one to backup Wayne Ellington unless you go big with some combination of the four big men with Danny Green sliding over to the two.  So there is a reason why you would see more Drew at PG versus Frasor because the rotation cannot handle it.  This is also more fallout from the Will Graves suspension and they could really use him right about now.

Still, UNC has plenty of weapons.  If Drew can take care of the ball and at least get the offense running, UNC can get some big games from Wayne Ellington and Danny Green on the outside with Tyler Hansbrough and Deon Thompson on the interior.  Hansbrough is still the reigning NPOY and he stepped up last season when Lawson was out, I expect he will do the same here.

Given the chaos with Pitt, Kansas and Oklahoma losing, all UNC needs to do is win this game and #1 seed for the NCAA Tournament is a lock. Given the chaos we have seen it makes you think the Heels might just lose. Hopefully not.  At least win one so my weekend is not totally boring.

UNC 80 VT 74