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ACC Regular Season Champions

I referred to this as mythical earlier in the week but still it is an accomplisment nonetheless and one of the stated goals Roy Williams sets for the team. The Heels finish 13-3 in the ACC and after a 0-2 start which had folks sending the women and children to the lifeboats UNC reeled off a 13-1 stretch and would have been 14-0 to close the season had it not been for the series of errors to end the game at Maryland.

As for how things have been since Roy Williams rolled back into town. Take a look a this.

2004: 8-8, 5th place
2005: 14-2, 1st place
2006: 12-4, 2nd place
2007: 11-5, Tied for 1st place*
2008: 14-2, 1st place*
2009: 13-3, 1st place
*won ACC Tournament

Save the first season UNC has not finished worse than 2nd since Roy took over the program. That is freaking impressive. Now the Heels go to Atlanta as the #1 seed and will face the winner of the Miami-Virginia Tech game. Not an easy task, there are no easy ones in the ACC this season.

Congratulations to the Tar Heels for taking the first stage of this race. Stage 2 begins on Friday at the Georgia Dome.