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ACC Roundup(3/1)

March has arrived...who will be playing past the next two weeks.

Locks For the NCAA Tournament(Seed)

1. North Carolina(#1)
2. Duke(#2)
3. Wake Forest(#3)
4. FSU(#5)
5. Clemson(#6)
6. Boston College(#8)

On the Bubble

7. Maryland

On A Bubble With Serious Structural Integrity Issues

8. Virginia Tech
9. Miami

NIT Bound

10. NC State

On A Train Bound For Nowhere

11. Virginia
12. Georgia Tech

  • The top six should get in.  Clemson and BC should try and win at least one more to make sure nothing dicey happens when the hotel kitchen in Indianpolis switches the coffee to decaf in the committee room.
  • Maryland can seal the deal by winning out which would include a 3rd quality win for them over Wake Forest.  Nine wins in the ACC should be enough anyhow but to make certain MD better hang around in Atlanta until at least Friday.
  • Virginia Tech needed the win versus Duke in a bad way.  Why? Because they have very little to show for themselves outside a win at Wake Forest and Clemson.  The former still looks pretty good, the latter not so much.  VT is 4-6 in their last ten games and facing UNC and FSU to close the season.  Not great odds.
  • See above.  Miami beat Wake Forest by 27 points at home. The sweep of BC might be worth something but not much.  The fact three losses came in OT might have value but I doubt it.  Like VT, Miami is 4-6 in their final ten games.  Unlike VT, Miami has two winnable games to close.  Advancing to the ACC Quarterfinals will leave them on the board but the lack of gravitas on their schedule in terms of wins will send them to the NIT.
  • NCSU's last hope disappeared when the Pack was mathematically eliminated from an 8-8 ACC record.  NCSU also has but one decent win vs Wake Forest.  Should be a decent NIT run for them.
  • For UVa and GT, March 12th cannot get here soon enough.