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ACC Roundup(3/5)

The NCAA Tournament picture gets a little clearer.

Mortal Locks(Seed)

1. UNC(#1)
2. Duke(#2)
3. Wake Forest(#3)
4. FSU(#5)
5. Clemson(#5)
6. Boston College(#8)


7. Maryland(18-11, 7-8 ACC, RPI: 58)

Just Hanging On

8. Virginia Tech(17-12, 7-8 ACC, RPI: 62)

NIT Probable

9. Miami(16-10, 6-9 ACC, RPI: 54)

NIT Bubble

10. NC State(16-12, 6-9 ACC, RPI: 96)

Circling the Drain

11. Virginia
12. Georgia Tech

  • How in the blue blazes does Miami not only lose to Georgia Tech but not even bother to show up for the freaking game?  Seriously, Wake also lost in Atlanta but they were not trailing by 16 at halftime. And how bad was this loss? Miami dropped 11 spots in the RPI because of it.
  • Seth Greenberg said last night that Sunday versus FSU was not "do or die" and they still had the conference tournament to boost their resume.  Tell me something Seth, how did that work for you last season? The Hokies' resume is virtually the same as last season and then they made it to the ACC semis and lost a squeaker to UNC but still got left out. There are no quality wins to speak of and the last 10 games have been horrible.  Beating FSU is a must win.  VT might need to be in Atlanta come Saturday of the ACC Tournament to make into the Big Dance.
  • Maryland has a winnable game versus Virginia and then would likely see NC State again in the ACC Tournament 1st Round.  If they can win that one and play either Duke or UNC tough in a rematch in the ACC Quarterfinals they will probably get the league's seventh bid.
  • UNC is on track for a #1 seed.  Duke is presently a #2 but could be a #1 if they win out.  Wake Forest is proabably locked in as a #3 since their RPI is #13. Clemson and FSU are #16 and 17# in the RPI at present which makes them borderline 4/5 seeds.  #5 for both seems the safe bet but the can help themselves with at least two more wins. Boston College is going to be in the unenviable position of playing an old Big East buddy in the 2nd Round of the NCAA Tournament as a #8 seed.