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ACC Semifinals: #1 UNC vs #4 FSU

Where: Georgia Dome, Atlanta, GA
When: Saturday, March 14th, 1:30 PM
TV: Raycom or ESPN
Livestats: ACC
Liveblogging: No
Records: UNC 28-3, FSU 24-8
ACC Tournament Results: UNC: def. VT 76-79; FSU: def. GT 64-62

Anything else this weekend is gravy.

Ty Lawson says the toe was better and the swelling down showing marked improvement over the past two days.  If that is the case imagine how much improvement it will show if the does not play until next Thursday. I do not expect to see him in this game. The title game is a possibility but again if the toe is improving it should be allowed to improve all the way until the NCAA Tournament.  What does that mean in this game? Considering UNC needed Lawson to beat FSU the only time they played this season I expect it makes the job tougher.

FSU's Toney Douglas is the defensive player of the year in the ACC and will give the Bobby Frasor/Larry Drew platoon at PG fits.  Frasor/Drew did a good job taking care of the basketball versus Virginia Tech and more of the same will be required in this one. FSU also has Solomon Alab in the middle and as seen during the regular season game, capable of slowing Tyler Hansbrough down.  The game in Tallahassee saw Hansbrough's double figures scoring streak broken.  The Seminoles have the heigh and athleticism on the interior to give Hansbrough problems.

The good news for UNC is Deon Thompson and Ed Davis were productive on the offensive end versus Virginia Tech as a nice compliment to Hansbrough.  More of the same will be required in this one if the Heels are to win.  Losing Lawson also means losing 16 ppg which has to come from somewhere.  Davis picked up some of the slack as did Hansbrough in scoring 28.  The key to this game could be Wayne Ellington and Danny Green.  Ellington hit four threes versus the Hokies giving the Heels the offensive production they have needed.  Green on the other hand is in a slump shooting and has been since the game at Blacksburg.  He is the lynch pin to the whole deal.  If you can get Green and Ellington on track at the same time it mitigates some of what you miss with Lawson out.

As I said, winning the ACC Tournament is gravy at this point.  The focus is on the bigger prize. That being said, I like gravy and would love to have some if at all possible.

UNC 77 FSU 74