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ACC Tournament Legends Breakfast

THF Correspodent C.Michael is down at the ACC Tournament and he attended the Legends Breakfast this morning. Here are some tidbits he sent along.

-First Legend: Danya Abrams.

Never played in the ACC and one of his career highlights was leading BC to the 1994 Sweet 16... Somebody shoot me...

Danya says he is happy about BC being in the ACC, but would like Skinner to learn to teach an out of bounds play...

THF: IIRC, Abrams was the player who committed the hard foul that took UNC PG Derrick Phelps out of the 2nd round game the Heels lost to Boston College.

-Ron King (FSU) talking all sorts of smack about the Heels.

Miami Legend: Bill Foster. 78-71 as Miami head coach. Nuff said.

-UNC Legend: Charles Scott

"I didn't realize how great it was to go to UNC until today when I heard all these guys talk about how important it was to beat us. So we must be pretty special!"

"Sometimes we got lucky. Sometimes they got lucky. You just hear about when they got lucky a lot more!"