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Blog Poll Ballot(3/2)

Rank Team Delta
1 Connecticut 1
2 North Carolina 1
3 Pittsburgh 2
4 Oklahoma
5 Memphis
6 Louisville 1
7 Michigan St. 1
8 Kansas 8
9 Duke 4
10 Arizona St. 4
11 Marquette 2
12 Villanova 2
13 Washington 1
14 Wake Forest 1
15 Louisiana St. 3
16 Purdue 3
17 Florida St.
18 UCLA 3
19 Clemson 8
20 Missouri 8
21 Gonzaga 1
22 Xavier 1
23 Butler
24 California 4
25 Illinois
Last week's ballot
Dropped Out: Utah (#24).
Apologies and Omissions
  • The biggest mover of the week was Kansas who beat Oklahoma(sans Blake Griffin but stay with me) and then beat the ever living crap out of Missouri to whom they had previously lost. There is an interesting parallel between UNC and Kansas, especially in their post title season coming after massive personnel losses. Kansas retained more and plays in a weaker conference but still they are playing like a #2 seed.
  • As much as it pains me, Duke is back in the top ten. Excuse me while I go vomit.
  • Clemson and Missouri both get lead balloons attached to their respective feet. Clemson decided to morph back into the Clemson of old. Missouri just did not show up versus Kansas and I am not sure I was sold on them anyway.
  • Oklahoma and Memphis stay put for now. I need a lot of convincing and possibly oxygen deprivation to move Memphis up.
  • I dropped Texas from the--oh wait. I was not stupid enough to rank Texas last week following the win over Oklahoma and therefore do not need to do anything with them unlike those voters in other polls.