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Blog Poll Ballot(3/9)

Rank Team Delta
1 North Carolina 1
2 Pittsburgh 1
3 Connecticut 2
4 Memphis 1
5 Louisville 1
6 Oklahoma 2
7 Michigan St.
8 Duke 1
9 Washington 4
10 Villanova 2
11 Wake Forest 3
12 Kansas 4
13 UCLA 5
14 Gonzaga 7
15 Missouri 5
16 Florida St. 1
17 Arizona St. 7
18 Louisiana St. 3
19 Clemson
20 Butler 3
21 Purdue 5
22 Syracuse
23 Auburn
24 Xavier 2
25 Brigham Young
Last week's ballot
Dropped Out: Marquette (#11), California (#24), Illinois (#25).
Apologies and Omissions
  • UNC returns to #1 on my ballot though I think Pitt and UNC are pretty even.
  • Memphis keeps hanging around and I actually moved them up to #4, that being said I could just as easily put Louisville #4 since they just won the Big East regular season. Oklahoma gets dropped to #6 because I have not been nor am I now a believer that they are as good as people think despite the fact they have Blake Griffin.
  • Duke looked like an NCAA Tournament #2 seed yesterday against UNC, so let's put them eighth.
  • Big drops: Kansas four spots for playing like crap at Texas Tech. Arizona State for going on the Herb Sendek Late Season Swoon Ride. LSU for losing two straight to end the season. Purdue for doing the same and Xavier lost to Richmond.
  • Big movers: Washington moves into the top ten for winning the Pac-10 regular season. UCLA, Gonzaga and Missouri all made big jumps because I have to shuffled a boatload of teams down in the poll.
  • Debuts: Auburn coached by former UNC guard Jeff Lebo has won eight of their last nine. The only loss was to LSU in Baton Rouge. On Saturday they avenged that loss with a 16 point win over the Tigers to finish 2nd in the SEC West.
  • I put Syracuse back in the poll because there were no other options as was the case with BYU.
  • Marquette lost a key player to injury and it has completely derailed their season. Cal and Illinois are derailing their season on their own volition.