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Coaches' Salaries

A look at some of the big fish.

The March to Madness posted details on several successful(or semi-successful since they have Billy Gillespie on the list) college basketball coaches.  Roy Williams was on the list:

Roy Williams, North Carolina ($1.4 million) — A little surprised he does not make more since he brought the Tar Heels out of the doldrums during the Matt Doherty days and punctuated his return to Chapel Hill by winning the national championship in 2005. He also contributes $200,000 to a scholarship fund that allows students to attend North Carolina without going into debt.

First of all, the total salary number is incorrect.  According to the the N&O via StateFansNation this is Roy's actual package as of 2006:

$260,000 University pay
$347,000 Learfield/Tar Heel Sports Marketing
$500,000 NIKE
$25,000 expense account
$780,000 Rams Club (not guaranteed)
$1,912,300 per year

Obviously that might change the author's surprise at how much Roy makes.  The other reason the salary is not as high as it could be is Roy said he twice turned down renegotiation.  The last time he did so was in 2006.  I would speculate that since then his salary has been augmented, especially with Butch Davis making $2 million per season.  This article also indicates Roy gives $200,000 to a scholarship fund for students at UNC so they can avoid debt.

Here are the other names on the list and what they bring in:

Mike Krzyzewski, Duke ($800,000) — His base salary is $800,000 per year, but escalates to $1.5 million with compensations and incentives.

John Calipari, Memphis ($1.3 million)

Jim Calhoun, Connecticut ($1.5 million)

Bill Self, Kansas ($1.6 million)

Tom Izzo, Michigan State, and Thad Matta, Ohio State ($1.7 million)

Rick Barnes, Texas ($1.8 million)

Tubby Smith, Minnesota ($2 million)

Billy Gillispie, Kentucky ($2.3 million)

Billy Donovan, Florida ($3.5 million)

One more thing.  I am not going to tell you where to take this but let me reinterate that it would be best if we leave politics out of it.  I think the salaries are interesting to examine as you evaluate the coaches making them and wondering whether the employer is getting their money's worth(hello Kentucky!)