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Hansbrough Named AP All-American; Lawson 2nd Team

Tyler Hansbrough has been voted onto the first team for the 2nd consecutive season. Hansbrough joins Oklahoma's Blake Griffin, Pitt's DeJuan Blair, Arizona State's James Harden and Davidson's Stephen Curry on the first team.

Ty Lawson ended up on the 2nd team which begs the question I am going to ask to the always reasonable THF community: Should Lawson had been on the 1st team instead of Curry?  I know, I know, Curry is a great shooter and carried his team almost by himself.  Curry also did not shoot well against major conference schools whereas Lawson did unholy things to the likes of Duke.  Just a little stat comparison to chew one:

Lawson Curry
Mins 29.6 33.7
Points 16.3 28.5
Assists 6.5 5.6
Rebounds 2.8 4.4
Steals 2.0 2.5
Turnovers 1.8 3.7
A/TO 3.5 1.5
FG% 54% 45%
2P% 56% 52%
3P% 48% 38%
Offensive Rating 135.0 119.0
Points Per Poss. 1.68 1.42
Shot% 19.7% 38%
Awards ACC POY Southern POY

This is a debate for fun really. The voters were not going to put both Hansbrough and Lawson on the first team together and it looks like it was done based on position. Setting that aside, I suppose there is merit to taking Lawson over Curry especially when you factor in strength of schedule. Lawson faced stiffer competition night in and night out than Curry did and put up better numbers. You could counter that by saying because Curry had to carry so much of the load it depresses his numbers somewhat because more shooting tends to hurt your percentage, especially since Curry also took more contested shots than Lawson. Lawson also did not face double teams and what not and had the benefit of more talent which helps him as well.

In the end it is probably a draw and Curry won because he became the face of college basketball though for my money I would take Lawson every day of the week and twice on Sunday just on the A/TO alone. Then again, I might be biased.