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If The ACC Tournament Started Today

Update: ACC Now has all the gory tiebreaker details if anyone is interested.

It may end up being pretty close to this. Here is what it looks like with tiebreakers considered:

First Round

5. Clemson vs 12. Georgia Tech
6. Boston College vs 11. Virginia
7. Maryland vs 10. NC State
8. Virginia Tech vs 9. Miami


1. UNC vs VT-Miami winner
2. Duke vs MD-NCSU winner
3. Wake Forest vs BC-UVa winner
4. FSU vs Clemson-GT winner

Still two games left for everyone so this could shift if wacky stuff goes on. Looking at this as a snapshot it looks like the quarterfinals will not be an easy day for anyone, especially if you are looking at a team desperately needing another win to get noticed by the NCAA Selection Committee.