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It Is 1:25 AM EDT

And I just watched Syracuse beat UConn 127-117 in six overtimes.

Both teams took over 100 shots and combined for nearly 100 free throws. The whole party was almost halted as just a plain old boring single OT affair when Syracuse's Eric Devendorf hit a three at the buzzer to win the game. Upon review it was discovered that the ball was just on his fingertips when the horn sounded and the shot was waved off. It pretty much spiraled out of control from that point. In the end Syracuse managed to keep hanging around long enough to foul out all of UConn's big men which opened the flood gates to eventually take control of the game despite missing 234 layups or something like that.

The Orangemen win the game but it is quite possible none of them will be able to stand up on the court against West Virginia tomorrow night.