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It Is Looking Less and Less Likely Ty Lawson Plays This Weekend

Roy Williams had his Tuesday press conference and Ty Lawson also talked to the media. The bottom line is the toe is more swollen and hurts more than it did Sunday. In fact playing against Duke apparently reverted it back to the way it was last Friday when it was first injured. According to Roy if they played today or tomorrow Lawson would not be out there. Roy also said he is pretty much giving full consideration to not playing Lawson this weekend to afford him the maximum time available to heal the toe.

Lawson was not quite as dire in his estimation but did say that he would have to keep getting shots in order kill the pain enough to play. Apparently it a weird injury(that figures) in that the toe had been broken before and the bone is wrapped up in the ligaments. Lawson also indicated the bone was chipped and the big thing right now is getting the pain and swelling under control which appears to be slow going.

Based on what I heard today, Roy's basic view of the ACC Tournament and his perspective on how the season is viewed on the basis of winning the national title versus winning the ACC Tournament and losing in the Big Dance seems to indicate Lawson probably won't play or it would take some pretty substantial healing in a short period of time for Lawson to get on the court this weeked.