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It's 11:59 PM At Memphis

According to Gary Parrish, Memphis coach John Calipari can take the Kentucky job if he wants it. The Memphis players, following a team meeting Monday morning think Calipari is gone. Kentucky has been working the process through a 3rd party(what a concept!) and apparently are willing to take the wins without worrying about the shadowy aspects that seem to follow Calipari. If this goes down which do you think is faster? Ty Lawson on the fast break or the speed at which Xavier Henry and DeMarcus Cousins will switch their commitments to Kentucky(Edit: scholarship limits permitting.) I would still go with Lawson but not by much.

As for Memphis, it was fun while it lasted. They will now recede back into the pack of Conference USA and never again bother us with their plaintive cries for a high seed despite a crappy SOS.