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Kentucky Boots Billy Gillespie

You could see it coming a mile away. In fact you could see it coming the night UK lost to Gardner-Webb last season. First impressions are everything you know. Kentucky parted ways with 2nd year coach Billy Gillespie after it became painfully obvious that he was in over his head and he sucked when it came to, you know, actually being civil when doing halftime interviews.

Rush the Court did a great job of explaining this by pointing out there are basically two parts of the coaches' job. The outcomes and the politics. If you are great with the first, you can get a pass on the 2nd(see: Bobby Knight.) If you produce mediocre to bad outcomes and you are inept off the court in how you deal with people in addition to a tendency to go out to bars and get intoxicated on a regular basis, chances are your job is toast. In the end, maybe UK fans are not as nuts as we think though I do find it interesting that some in Wolfpack nation would take Gillespie even now.

Where does UK go from here? According to a local Orlando station, Billy Donovan is all but signed, sealed and delivered which means nothing with Donovan. He still might change his mind two days later.