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Lawson Has A Message For Jeff Goodman

And that message is this:

What do you think about the people that are saying that you can't play with an injury, and the toe injury is similar to a hang nail?

"If anybody says that, I played the Duke game with almost a broke foot right after I hurt it. So anybody that says that, I feel like is retarded."

I don't know if I would have gone for the probably non-PC use of the word "retarded" there. "Idiotic" would have worked better. "Has his head so far up his anus he can see his own small intestines" would have been colorful and brought chuckles from the reporters. Anyway, Lawson thinks he is going to be ready for Saturday. Roy Williams? Still playing this very close to the vest.

"If he's able to practice [Friday] and do some things in practice, I'll probably play him," Williams said. "But if he's like he was [Wednesday], then I'm not going to play him."

As I said when I ripped Goodman, everyone is assuming Lawson is making this decision by himself, that he has been cleared to play and Roy is ready to go but Lawson is sitting out. That is not the case unless you are willing to say that Lawson is being a wimp about the toe in practice thus leading Roy to decided not play him. I don't think that is the case. Based on all the reports I have heard Lawson could not shoot full jumpers on Wednesday but he was doing so on Thursday. Lawson also indicated it felt better doing layups prior to the Radford game and he is able to walk normally now. I think he is ready to go but at this point he needs to show Roy that so he can get back on the court. As for Goodman, maybe he can go to Miami and write a similar scathing piece on how Wake Forest's Jeff Teague is a complete head case.