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Lawson's Injury Could Take Some Time To Heal

So sayeth Roy Williams:

"They say it's something that takes quite a while to go away. We're off today, for everybody. Tomorrow is just a run-and-shoot and we'll hold Ty out from that tomorrow. Hopefully the 72 hours will be really good for him. I don't think anybody really knows. Each youngster, each person reacts to that kind of injury much differently, and so we'll just have to wait and see on him. He was in a quite a bit of pain when it happened on Friday. It was just sore as he was trying to push off on it. But it was not the severe pain on Saturday that he had on Friday, and then last night after the game, he was in quite a bit of pain again. So we'll just have to wait and see."

On one hand it does not sound like something that can be made worse if he plays on it. Obviously Lawson will spend the next couple of days resting it and since it is spring break, there is no class so Lawson can stay off the toe, get extra treatments and focus on allowing it to heal. Also, he played well despite the injury against Duke so we are not looking at something that renders him far less effective as the ankle injury last season did.

The big question is how will the injury react to three games in three days for the ACC Tournament should the Heels advance that far. Usually the winner of the 8-9 game is an easy mark for the #1 seed. That will not be the case this season and I am under the impression UNC needs to win at least one to lock up a #1 seed though the selection committee would take Lawson's injury into consideration if he does not play and UNC loses. J.P. Giglio thinks the Heels exiting early from Atlanta say on Saturday against FSU would be better for the NCAA Tournament run, especially since the Greensboro pod for the NCAA Tournament is on the Thursday-Saturday schedule. The reasoning makes sense but as a fan you want them to win every game they play and I really would hate to see Duke win the ACC Tournament.