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Lawson Likely Out vs Radford

Ty Lawson's status according to Roy Williams via WRAL:

"There was a time this week I thought he could play tomorrow," William said Wednesday at a news conference in Greensboro. "There’s a time, including right now, where I’ve said no."

Williams has said he wanted Lawson to practice at least part of Tuesday and all of Wednesday.

"Yesterday, all he did was shoot the ball and go through some dummy offense things," Williams said. "And that’s all he did today."

In terms of winning the game on Thursday, this should not be an issue. Against LSU/Butler, there might be a problem. There is also the matter of rust, flow of the offense, on court syncing with the other players, etc. Those are the wrinkles in the shirt you would like to iron out before the 2nd round. It appears, barring some miracle, that will not be the case.