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Now Butch Davis Gets Asked About His Pay

I, for one, think this is getting ridiculous but everyone with any face time with any college coach I guess feels the need to ask this question. Why? Because there is there the off chance the coach is going to Calhoun their answer. Davis is too media savvy for that. Davis instead chooses to answer the question by pointing to cost cutting efforts by the football staff and his own personal giving. He also calls the question what it is, a "political hot button" better left to the UNC administration:

Q: Would you take a paycut, though, or participate in a furlough?

Davis: "That's not a question — that's a political hot button, and not really a question that any coach should be put in a position to have to answer. ... The leadership of the University, that's probably more in line with a decision they would need to make."

ACC Now has the full text of Davis' answer.